Dr. Amy Shimshon-Santo is a catalyst and bridge builder interested in personal and social change. She inspires people to honor their own unique voices, build community across the divides that separate us, and invigorate democracy from the ground up through our everyday actions.

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Amy’s teaching practice has used new media to archive the creative process, build professional learning communities, and provide a platform for self representation through the arts. Here are a few sites that have archived the teaching and learning process in three distinct settings.

www.AfricAztlan.wordpress.com presents work by teen writers studying with Amy in the Heart Project.

Here is the link to a process blog from a teacher preparation course in arts education at UC Irvine http://sites.uci.edu/artseducation/.

Videos from the ArtsBridge program at UCLA Arts under her direction (2005 – 2009) which set the groundwork for the university’s Visual and Performing Arts Education Minor: